Why is topiramate used for weight loss?

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Epilepsy, migraines, and alcohol use disorder are conditions that can be treated with topiramate, an anti-seizure drug. But, topiramate is also used for weight loss since this is one of the most common side effects it causes. Let’s examine the efficacy and safety of topiramate in more detail, as well as its relationship to weight loss.

Why is topiramate used for weight loss?

Topiramate is a prescription drug used to treat specific epileptic seizures. It can be used by itself or in combination with other medications. Topiramate is used to treat primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures, partial-onset seizures, and seizures linked to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

It is additionally employed in the management of migraines. Once a migraine has begun, topiramate will not be able to stop it.

Topiramate is sold under the brand names Topamax, Trokendi XR, Topamax Sprinkle (discontinued), and Qudexy XR in the United States. Different products have different uses and dosage forms, which may not be interchangeable.

Is topiramate Safe for Everyone?

Topiramate may occasionally be administered outside of its approved uses to aid with weight loss. Off-label prescribing occurs when a doctor gives a patient a prescription for a drug that the FDA has approved for use in treating a condition other than the one the patient is experiencing. It is acceptable and common practice in the medical field.

To aid in weight loss or to treat eating disorders like bingeing and purging that cause weight gain, a doctor could decide to prescribe Topiramate to a patient. But a person cannot be given Topiramate or any other weight-loss drug until their body mass index (BMI) is 30 or above.

Can topiramate lead to a quick loss of weight?

Many people want to lose weight, but it can be challenging to do so. Even though Topiramate is one of many supplements available today that can aid with weight reduction.

It is still crucial to always speak with your doctor, who is extremely familiar with your medical history and can assess whether or not taking the supplement is safe for your health. Similarly, if you’re thinking about using it to lose weight, it’s helpful to be aware of the following factors.

What dosage of topiramate is recommended for weight loss?

To be able to watch for the onset of unfavorable side effects, the Topiramate dose is often started low and increased gradually over time. According to clinical research, this negative effect plateaus at about 200 mg per day, therefore patients taking more than that did not lose more weight.

How long does it take for topiramate to cause weight loss?

Topiramate reduces hunger and may even accelerate metabolism, thus weight reduction is noticeable soon after starting the prescription. The added advantage of Topiramate over other weight loss drugs on the market is that there does not appear to be a weight loss plateau after six months, suggesting that the weight loss may be a long-term result.

Is topiramate the best pill to lose weight? 

Given that so many weight reduction drugs are approved for use in the treatment of other disorders, the ideal weight loss drug should be tailored to the individual.

Topiramate may be more appropriate for someone who experiences migraines and wants to shed a little weight than other drugs that manage Type 2 diabetes and have the side effect of weight loss.


Not all patients may see weight loss as a positive side effect, so it’s important to take into account all of these medications’ potential adverse effects.

Warnings to consider about Topiramate

  • Topiramate shouldn’t be used by expectant mothers because it raises the baby’s risk of congenital abnormalities, particularly cleft lip and cleft palate.
  • Permanent vision loss may result from the uncommon but possible Topiramate side effects of acute myopia and glaucoma.
  • When metabolic acidosis, which occurs when the body produces too much acid, is severe, it can cause shock or even death.
  • Topiramate is one antiepileptic medication that can worsen suicidal ideas or actions.

What do I need to know about Weight loss with topiramate?

Losing weight is a goal that many have in mind but it is often difficult to achieve. Although there are currently many supplements that can help you with weight loss, including Topiramate, it is important to always consult your doctor who knows your medical history very well and will be able to determine if taking it is safe or not for your health.

Similarly, it is convenient that you know the following aspects if you are considering taking it to lose weight.

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Does topiramate have weight-loss approval?

The Food and Medicine Administration (FDA) has given the drug Topiramate approval to treat migraines and epilepsy, but it is also well-recognized for producing weight loss. Topiramate has not been approved by the FDA for weight loss alone, even though it may result in weight loss.

Topiramate reduces hunger, which results in weight loss. People who take it may feel less frequently hungry and eat less due to their decreased appetite.

Studies have revealed that Topiramate may also increase metabolism, which would result in the body digesting food more quickly than usual.

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Topiramate side effects when used for weight reduction

Topiramate can be taken safely by people who are not pregnant and do not have any of the health issues listed above, but they may still experience side effects. Apart from weight reduction, the following Topiramate side effects are frequently reported:

  • Numbness
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea
  • Tiredness
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Paresthesia (burning sensations) 
  • Loss of coordination

Topiramate may occasionally result in more severe adverse effects, such as disorientation, memory issues, difficulty concentrating, and trouble speaking, which may necessitate medical treatment.

Additionally, some people may experience adverse consequences on their mental health, such as depression, panic attacks, mood swings, and suicidal thoughts or actions. Consult a doctor as soon as you can if you have any of these symptoms.

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The other uncommon Topiramato side effect worth mentioning is eye difficulties, which can result in altered vision or blindness. For this reason, it’s crucial to contact your doctor right away if you notice any changes in your eyesight.

If you’d like a thorough list of Topiramate side effects, ask your doctor or pharmacist for a prescription guide. This list of adverse effects is not all-inclusive.

More facts about topiramate for weight loss

  • Phentermine and topiramate are used together to help obese or overweight adults.
  • Studies carried out in placebo groups and topiramate groups certify the effectiveness of topiramate for weight loss. The drug administration and the amount were carried out by expert people.
  • A Doctor may dose of topiramate. But in general, a safe dose is 50 mg of topiramate per day. Always check with your doctor first.
  • Topiramate is also available in pharmacies under the name Topamax. So, take Topamax for weight loss safely.
  • It is safe to take topiramate on weight loss as it is a widely used medication and it helps speed up metabolism.
  • Nausea, feeling sleepy, dizzy, or tired are common effects of topiramate.
  • Supplements can be a great help, but diet and exercise will always be the best option to lose weight.
  • If you want to use any weight loss medication, always ask your trusted doctor first. He will know which is the best medicine according to your physical and health condition.

Ask your Doctor to use topiramate to lose weight 

If you are looking for a supplement that will help you lose weight, topiramate treatment is perfect. There is undeniable and clinically significant evidence that topiramate has a substantial ability to reduce body weight. As long as users can handle the adverse effects, topiramate can aid in weight loss.

Any choice regarding weight loss pills should be made in consultation with a medical expert who is well-versed in the needs and conditions of the patient.