Wedding Workout Plan – What You Need to Do

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If you are being honest, one of the fondest memories about a wedding you attend is the glowing bride. After all, she is the star of the day (unfair, but it’s true). In her impeccable elegance and fairytale gown, she certainly didn’t just wake up looking like that. Preparing for your big day can in actual fact be anywhere from a year-long journey to at least 3 months of wedding planning, and we aren’t just talking food and decor. The bride knows all eyes will be on her, you can be sure she will be adding a wedding workout plan to that list as well. 

A bride wants to look, be, and feel stunning on her special day. Every grown woman, at some point in her life, has played out the fantasy of her unforgettable wedding day. And even at a tender age, all you know is that everything must be perfect, especially the fit of your dress. 

Odds are, shifting from playing make-belief to reality, you may have some tweaking to do to fit comfortably and flawlessly into your dress. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. Or maybe you just want to tone up to feel more confident while walking down the aisle. Or maybe you just want to help be a little lighter on your feet for when your husband carries you through the door. Whatever the reason may be, this article will be here to lighten your burdens. We will provide you with the best wedding workout plan, whether you have a year or even just 3 months left to get into shape. 

Why Pre Wedding Workout Plan Is Important?

Most women are proactive. They love to think ahead and be well organized, in general. So, what do you think it would entail for her wedding? Odds are from the day you said yes, i.e. the engagement, you have set a strict pre wedding workout plan and diet to adhere to ensure you look your best.

There is no need to go on a bridal boot camp either. Just understand that the right workout routine does take time to show results, so starting earlier rather than later would do you a world of good. Plus, you’ll have the advantage of chopping and shifting what you notice works for you and what doesn’t. You have sufficient time to customize your diet and fitness routine, taking a realistic lifestyle change approach, rather than diving into crash diets and fasting to see immediate results. Healthy eating is sustainable eating, which will lead to a healthy habit.

Wedding Workout Plan

A routine exercise plan can help you stay on track of your weight loss journey, keep your goal orientated and consistent. You might want to consider getting your bridesmaids to join along too, just so you have company. (Just don’t force the issue!)

In all of this excitement and buzz, it is important to remember that sculpting parts of your body that would best suit your dress is fine. But what is more important to remember is that overall fitness, health, and core exercises should become a part of your lifestyle. 

Here are a few bonus points to include in your pre-wedding workout plan to help give you the most for your day;

  • Set realistic goals – set goals that are within your abilities, that you will have the time to do, and those that are healthy to your weight loss journey.
  • Get fit with your dress in mind – all eyes are going to be on you in that dress. So, if you have a backless strappy dress, for example, consider allocating time to work out your shoulder blades, upper body, triceps, and biceps to compliment the style of your dress.
  • Get some company – having a comforting and motivating friend will keep you excited and looking forward to your workout sessions together. 
  • Try to eat healthily – with time to spare, it is ok to sneak a snack now and then, however, you should stay disciplined and focus on your goals when planning your meals.
  • Drink lots of water – this will keep you hydrated and feeling healthier. And water will do wonders for your skin as well.
  • Keep your skincare routine simple – avoid trying new products which could cause an adverse effect on your skin. And always remember to wash off makeup to avoid waking up with a pimple or zit on your face.

What Is the Best Workout plan? 

Remember that every woman is unique, and workout plans are just there to help expose your best version. Considering that you are different, so should your exercise be.

The best wedding workout plan is one that is specially customized to your body and weight loss goals. It includes a healthy diet and will be one that will not just help you look good on your wedding day, but also after. 

There are now personal trainers available, gym sessions and classes, many online programs, and exercising apps that can be specifically adjusted to help you target the areas you want. It’s usually designed according to your body specifications (weight, height, etc.), diet tolerability, time availability, and workout intensities. 


They overall do include cardio, high intensity interval training, strength training, flexibility, and toning. The sets, reps, and duration all depend on the amount of body fat that your body needs to lose, and in the time you are expecting to achieve your goal.

Also, the key to any workout plan is that you enjoy doing it and remain consistent with it. That’s what’s going to give you the results you desire and also help you maintain the outcome.

Here are two examples provided for different time frames:

Wedding Workout Plan 6 months: 

  • Begin your day with detox and breakfast
  • Take baby steps with food swaps to incorporate into your wedding diet
  • Say goodbye to bread
  • Avoid sugars after dinner
  • Get your exercise on (these may include belly drop knee tucks, push up bag drags, jump lunges, and twisted bicycles)
  • Include a HIIT workout and strength training (such as plank rows, overhead triceps extensions, hammer curls, dumbbell row)

Wedding Workout Plan 3 months:

  • Most exercises take roughly 6 weeks before showing visible results so you have some time to make the best out of your workouts.
  • Swap out processed sugars for natural sugars such as fruit
  • Stick to wholesome foods such as fresh produce and lean meats rather than processed meals.
  • Stick to your exercise regimen religiously. 
  • Swap out cool drinks for water and avoid overconsuming alcohol.
  • Exercise routine (Reverse crunches for 60 seconds, lying leg raises for 60 seconds, knee crunches for 60 seconds, jackknife sit-ups for 30 seconds, knee-ups for 30 seconds, planking for 60 seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and repeat set!

Wedding Workout Tips:

  • Start small – Always gradually incorporate changes to your diet so your body doesn’t crave the deprivation or go into shock. And always steadily increase your workout intensity. The last thing you want is one glorious one-hour session in the gym and then your body is broken for the remainder of the week. 
  • Mix cardio and strength training – Mixing things up keeps your body on its toes so that it doesn’t become insusceptible to your exercise routine, amounting to zero changes to your body. Also, strength training and cardio do complement each other and can help grow health markers. So pick up those hand weights and break a sweat with a weight lifting session.
  • Running – Running is the best form of cardio workout you can engage in. it targets your calories and fat cells directly, and may even continue to do so after you’ve ended your run. It’s free, targets unsightly belly fat, allows you time to decrease stress levels, and may assist in minimizing your appetite. 
  • Diet charts – Diet charts can be a great help to remind you of what you need to follow and adhere to. It’s the notion of having your meal plan in view so you can accomplish it.

Take This Wedding Workout Plan as Your Lawful Wedded Partner 

With so much wedding bliss to look forward to, remember to make every part of the journey memorable. Every alteration you make, every drop of sweat you shed should ultimately make you a happier individual. That can even include your wedding workout program. Remember to marry that too to keep yourself staying healthy, fit, and in the honeymoon phase.