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If you can say you are getting in all the necessary supplements for human body day either makes you one dedicated trooper, or you’re being insincere. We all want to be healthy and get all the nutrients and supplements into our bodies, but it is not the easiest thing to do.

Just a quick online search will illustrate how many vitamins, nutrients, oils, amino acids, and who knows what else are said to be essential to our health. Actually consuming all these foods a day will take up a great deal of time, and money. Our lifestyle just doesn’t allow for the luxury of home-cooked meals morning, noon and night. However, there are some supplements you can take that will make you feel and look like your best version.

We will take a look at the 10 best supplements for the human body, and also provide details on the best supplements for women, brain health, and hair.

Best Supplements for Human Body

The best supplements you can possibly take to treat your health, weight, hair, skin, and body are conveniently found through foods as well as supplements. All these supplements have been scientifically proven to keep us feeling and looking our best, while also keeping us in tip-top shape.

Whether you want to boost your diet or just have more energy during the day, these supplements can probably save you from your frustrations in low energy, problems with weight gain, and so on.

The most important thing to remember if you want to make a healthy change with supplements and stick to them is that ‘we are what we eat, not what we ‘want’ to eat. Just as with losing weight, you need to exercise and to lose weight, not just think about it. So, to be healthy, you need to get all the necessary supplements for the human body into your system regularly.

Healthy eating is on the top of the list of living a healthy life, but you may not be getting in all the necessary nutrients to support that healthy lifestyle

Here, we look at 10 of the best supplements for the human body.

Fish Oil

This may not sound like the yummiest ingredient or supplement to introduce to your tastebuds, but this fishy oil is a lifesaver. Fish oil is perhaps one of the best supplements for women as it provides the body with essential omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 acids are necessary for regulating inflammation and crucial to our health for countless reasons. It can be consumed through diets and dietary supplements.

Fish Oil

The nutrients found in fish oil also support cardiovascular, respiratory, musculoskeletal, and immune health, and are great for regulating blood pressure and maintaining healthy body weight. Just by taking daily fish oil supplements, you are encouraging weight loss.

Fatty fish also helps to lower blood pressure when life gets you down. This seemingly unappetizing nutrient also happens to be of the best supplements for brain health.

Between 500-900mg of omega 3 fatty acid, which is found in fish oil supplements, are recommended per day.

Vitamin D

This sunshine vitamin is one of the best supplements for bone health. Vitamin D deficiency is also prevalent in 90% of the population! Yes, the body does produce vitamin D naturally through sun exposure, but how often are we exposed to sunlight? How often do you exchange the fluorescent office lights for healthy, natural sunlight? Are you wearing body lotion? Standing in the shade? Vitamin D is not that easily converted through sunlight either. Maintaining the right vitamin D level is therefore crucial to your overall health.

Vitamin D

A vitamin D supplement is an essential nutrient to maintain proper bone strength and neuromuscular function. A healthy immune, normal blood pressure, calcium absorption, muscle strength, and even inflammatory response are all assisted with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is also one of the best supplements for hair (along with folic acid found in leafy greens and fatty fish).

Are you going through a stressful time? Just grab some vitamin D and be on your way with a smile every day. The right amount of vitamin d is essential for strong bones.

Whey Protein

Many women see whey protein as a great way to lose weight and build lean muscle. Men see it as one of the best proteins to bulk up. This makes it one of the most versatile proteins on the market and can benefit you in many ways, depending on your lifestyle and how you use it.

Whey Protein

Technically, it’s not really essential, but it can work wonders in your diet with numerous health benefits. As many women have learned, calories are essential, even when trying to lose weight. Whey protein contains a lot of calories. The amino acids in whey powder also provide you with a quick recovery time after your workout.

With all its nutrients and wholesomeness, whey powder can be seen as an on-the-go meal that doesn’t even take a minute to prepare.

Green Supplements

Green is the way to go! As you might already know, green is good and green supplements are even better. Although it cannot and should not replace green vegetables or fruit in your diet, it does come a close second. These supplements are great for providing men and women with all the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables.

Green Supplements

Unable to get your five servings of fruits and green leafy vegetables in today? Take a scoop of green supplements. Green supplements are also known to potent high vitamins to support the immune system, including vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A. Green supplements are also packed with vitamin K, and all-important vitamin B family, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, and vitamin B12.


Probiotics maintain gut health, which is essential for our overall optimal health. Probiotics bacteria help the gut to function at the best of its capabilities to ensure positive digestive health. Your gut contains what is known as harmful bacteria and pathogens that can decrease the overall function, and ultimately cause illness and disease.


It’s like everything in the world – you need both the good and the bad, and with diets, that’s also extremely important. Maintaining a good balance between the good and bad gut bacteria is essential for your overall health, even if you are already taking all the other vitamins on this list.


Also known as curcumin, this supplement is found in most of the spicier curry dishes you’ve tried. Turmeric possesses a wide range of beneficial properties that are essential for your health. It has even been proven through studies that turmeric has anti-cancer and anti-viral properties.


It is also one of the strongest anti-inflammatories, and its mainly used for easing inflammation in cancer patients. By adding turmeric to your food, you are already providing yourself with vital supplements.

Get some curry recipes online and start cooking with your newfound essential supplements with great taste and even better benefits.


Cinnamon should be your new best friend, or should we say one of the new best supplements for human body. Cinnamon is a powerful spice, just like turmeric. It has high levels of antioxidants and even adds a great taste to almost any meal. Cinnamon may also improve insulin sensitivity which improves utilization of carbs, which in turn leads to overall better control of your blood sugar levels.


With cinnamon, you can either choose a supplement, or you can just include it in your meals. One gram of cinnamon can be sufficient daily for the best benefits.

It is important to remember that you should exercise great caution when combining cinnamon with other diabetes drugs or supplements for blood sugar control.


Psyllium is soluble dietary fiber food, which can help lower cholesterol as well as regulate blood sugar in diabetics. Psyllium works by soaking up water in the gut, thus regulating bowel movements without embarrassing flatulence. This makes it great for digestive health, as it acts as a prebiotic that is essential for healthy colonies of probiotics to grow inside the gut.


Other than providing assistance with gut and digestive health, it is also essential for heart health. Soluble fiber such as Psyllium helps to manage cholesterol levels which are especially vital for people over the age of 50.

If you are thinking of introducing Psyllium to your supplements, you should start with small doses and consult with medical practitioners about how often you can increase the amount you are taking. As we all know, too much fiber may cause some unwanted side effects.


Creatine is mainly considered a supplement for weight and muscle gain. Creatine not only enhance muscle function during exercise routines but also muscle hypertrophy. It increases water retention in the muscle cells, so water goes to your muscles.

Creatine can be used in small doses of three to five grams per day; this will be sufficient to help improve strength as well as add some bulkiness to your lean muscles.


Beta-alanine supplements have grown in popularity in recent years, with many studies done on this newly discovered supplement. Many studies have shown that beta-alanine has been linked to enhanced performance. Even the name is derived from its amino acid content – alanine.

Reasons to Feel Better

By including these supplements into your diet, you will feel better, smile more, boost your brain health, prevent heart disease… the list of benefits is endless. With all these benefits, it’s a no-brainer as to why it’s essential to include these supplements in your daily life and stick to them.

These are not only the best supplements for women but also the best supplements for the human body overall. If nothing else, make sure to include most of these supplements on our list for a healthy diet and eat your way to a better life. 

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