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Would you like to start running? If you haven’t caught the running bug yet, well, it’s worth giving this great sport a go. Running can help every aspect of your health – not only physical, but mental, emotional, and social too! The benefits are endless, but here we’ve chosen nine of our best reasons to get you off to a running start!

Why Should I Start Running?

A better question might be, why shouldn’t you start running? This sport is popular, cheap, and convenient. It’s versatile, and the intensity can be easily adjusted – from a light jog to a full-blown marathon.

Start Running

There’s something for everyone and every fitness level. Here are nine of the best benefits running can bring into your life.

Running Improves Your Health

One of the primary benefits of running every day is how it can improve your overall health. A regular running training plan is a great way to keep your body healthy and happy, from your cardiac system right down to digestion. Even running only a couple of times a week makes notable improvements to your overall health. Running is excellent for your fitness and general wellbeing and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

You Can Lose Weight

Just like any other sort of workout, running burns calories. Burning excess calories means burning excess fat, so yep, getting yourself into a running routine is a great way to shed some pounds. One of the best tips for losing weight while running is the run walk method.

Energy Levels

The run walk method means you break up your running plan into smaller sections, like a 3-minute running interval spaced between one minute walk intervals. The constant change in pace keeps your heart rate moving and means you will burn more calories!

Running Is Good for Your Memory

Running helps your muscles and heart stay healthy and strong, but did you know that it can even help your brain be healthy? Running benefits your mind and your body, and even just 30 minutes of running a day can fight against cognitive decline. Regular running has also been shown to boost your memory and problem-solving skills. This effect only gets better as we age and is a perfect example of why you should start running today!

Running Improves Your Energy Levels

When people are out of shape, the consequences are way more than just an appearance. If you find yourself constantly feeling tired, lethargic, and irritable – then you may like to think about going for a run. Increasing your physical fitness will increase your natural energy levels and keep you alert and energetic. Getting yourself into a regular training program will also get your energy going for the day. Try heading for a run in the morning, as early as possible, and see how you feel over the day.

Running Will Help You Feel Good About Yourself

Running not only makes you more energetic and healthy, but it also boosts your mood and helps you feel great about yourself.

Feel Good

Running is an excellent exercise as even when you are a beginner runner, you can quickly note your progression. Seeing (and feeling!) yourself improve as you travel down your running journey is a beautiful way to build self-esteem and help you feel great about yourself!

Running Is Versatile and Inexpensive

One of the best things about running is just how convenient it is! Of course, you can invest in a running coach, treadmill, and the best running shoes money can buy. However, all you need is a decent running shoe and the outside world! There’s no investment in any bulky and expensive workout equipment here!

You’ll Be Part of a Community.

If you are a new runner, you might be shocked to see just how much is going on in the world of running. From your local running club to the Boston Marathon, running has always been a sport with a strong sense of community and solidarity. Runners just get each other, I guess. When you start running, and especially the day when you sign up for your first 5k fun run or half marathon, you’ll discover for yourself the joy and support of the running community.

Running Can Help With Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Are you stressed and worn out? Well, it may sound counterintuitive, but running can help with that. Physical exercise is a great place to start if you are looking to reduce stress, and running, in particular, has been shown to help us cope with both long and short-term stressors, so you’ll be calmer and more mentally healthy – in the long run!

You Can Meet New People

Running is a surprisingly friendly sport, and joining a running program or running club is a great way to meet new people and stay healthy. Try looking into your local running start program or asking around your nearest gym. A running buddy is also a great motivator and will help keep you in proper running form and stick to your running routine.

Meet New People

What Should I Know Before I Start Running?

Hopefully, that’s enough for now! So it’s pretty clear that running benefits many different aspects of our bodies and can help us lead healthier and more productive lives – so what should I know before lacing up and hitting the street?

Like any sport, running does have its risks, and it’s crucial to minimize these to prevent running injuries like sprains and twists. Start with a good running shoe, and always make sure you have a proper running form to avoid injury. Check out some of our related articles like this beginner’s guide to starting running. Preventative measures like taking things slowly and regular strength training is the best way to ensure injury prevention and help keep you on the right track during your running journey!


The benefits of running every day are fantastic. From the physical gains to the social side of things, running can improve your help your fitness and lifestyle. Even if you haven’t run since high school, there’s no reason you cant reap the benefits of this fabulous sport. Try starting simply, with a couple of light jogs a week, and see how running can benefit you too.