How to promote hair growth

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In this blog, you will learn the best ways to promote hair growth.

Hair is a fundamental part of us women. It is our crown and it says a lot about our personality and current situation.

If you see a woman with her hair up and with little accommodation in it, maybe she is going through a bad time.

On the other hand, if you see a woman with abundant hair and full of shine, it is because she is in her best moment.

Long and healthy hair is the dream of many women. That is why we are always aware of taking care of our hair and stimulating it to grow.

If we want to attract attention and let the eyes rest on us, we must take care of our hair. Not only to look good but to attract good vibes.

I support the statement by Chinonye J. Chidolue that says:

“Good hair brings good luck!â€

This is a very accurate statement.

So if you want to show off a glamorous mane, keep reading and find out the best ways to promote hair growth.

Ways to promote hair growth

Hair trim

Get trims frequently

Cutting our hair frequently allows us to clean it, get rid of split ends, and strengthen weaker fibers. If we can fix this, it will be simple for us to notice that the hair is growing more quickly and strongly.

If we don’t cut the hair and there is weak and mistreated hair, the weakest fibers will fall out on their own. If there is a lot of mistreated hair, we will begin to notice abundant hair loss.

That is why it is better to cut it frequently, to eliminate weak hair and give entry to new hair and strengthened it.

Consume a healthy diet

A healthy diet will not only benefit our immune system and our overall health. It also promotes the growth of healthy and strong hair.

It is possible to get long and abundant hair from food. You cannot leave everything in the hands of expensive shampoo or cosmetics. The health of our hair goes beyond aesthetic care.

If you want vigorous and healthy hair, you can achieve it by eating the right foods. If you want your hair to grow fast and beautiful, the following items should not be missing in your kitchen:

  • Salmon
  • Peppers
  • Avocado
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Chicken
  • Mango
  • Flax
  • Egg
  • Oysters
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Almonds
  • Lentils
  • Tofu
  • Nutritional yeast

Include a vitamin for strong hair in your morning routine

The vitamins we need are in the food we eat. But many times it is not enough and we have to go to take supplements to meet these requirements.

Incorporating all these vitamins and elements into our diets is made easier with the aid of nutritional supplements for hair.

Vitamins for hair growth

If you are looking for a supplement for your hair, check that it has the most important vitamins for hair:

  • Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D.
  • Vitamin E.
  • B group vitamins.

Moisturize more and shampoo less

Hair hygiene is essential to keep hair follicles clean. But frequent washing can dry out the hair.

The shampoos have chemical agents that attack the hair when cleaning it. That is why it should be washed just when necessary.

Dry hair should be washed 2 to 3 times a week. While oily hair should be washed 1 day yes and another day not. Normal hair can be washed every 2 days.

To prevent your shampoo from drying out your hair, moisturize it first:

  • 30 – 45 minutes before washing your hair, apply a conditioner or mask from the middle to the ends.
  • After the time has elapsed, wash your hair as usual.

This hydration will protect your hair before washing. Do it and you will notice the difference after washing.

Avoid using bleach

Bleach and any other bleaching detergent are chemicals that are very aggressive to the hair. Avoid washing hair with water treated with these components.

If you mistakenly wet your hair with water that contains bleach or chlorine, give your hair an extra dose of hydration. Hydration can mitigate the damage caused.

You can use oils prepared for this purpose such as coconut, avocado, argan, or almond oil. You can also use the mask of your choice.

Refrain from overheating your hair

overheating hair

Heat tools are a temptation, we know. They leave our hair stylized and full of life.

Whenever we go to a party or have a special event, it is mandatory to go to these tools. However, they leave our hair beautiful only for the duration of the hairstyle.

After styling, they leave the hair opaque and damaged. That is the sad truth after use.

What you should do is limit its use, only to emergencies and not every day. And when you go to iron, dry, or style your hair, always use a good thermal protector.

Regularly brush your hair

Brushing is a very effective ancient technique that stimulates hair growth. Not only will it untangle your hair, but it will give it silkiness.

By brushing the hair frequently, the blood circulation of the scalp will be stimulated. This causes hair growth.

If you want to apply this technique and make your hair grow, do it at least 3 times a day. In a couple of weeks, you will notice the difference in your hair.

Massage your scalp

Massage Scalp

People use hair oils and scalp massage masks to stimulate the scalp. This is a very effective strategy if practiced frequently.

Massaging stimulates the dermal papilla cells found at the base of the hair follicle. These cells are essential for hair development, as well as for the hair loss and renewal cycle.

All we have to do is massage the entire scalp with our fingertips. Light to medium pressure should be applied while using small circular motions across the scalp. Although there is no

specific amount of time for a scalp massage, about 5 minutes is sufficient.

Prevent physical harm to hair

If you want long and healthy hair, you must take care of it. The hair strand is very sensitive and any aggression can cause it to break.
Some examples of physical aggression to the hair can be:

hair growth
  • Pulling too often while styling.
  • Detangle wet hair by applying pressure.
  • Wearing tails or hair accessories that make it too tight.
  • When the braiding is too tight.
  • Use heat tools with very high temperatures.
  • Exposing yourself to the sun frequently and without protection.

Use a silk pillowcase to sleep

Hair tends to have a lot of frizz and this is usually normal. But frizz is very uncomfortable and it makes hair look messy.

The best way to eliminate frizz and static is by using a silk pillowcase. Also, the hair will glide more smoothly, thus avoiding breakage and fall.

You already know everything you have to do to promote the growth of your hair. But surely you are wondering:

How long should I wait to see the results?

Keep reading and find out, in general terms, when it takes for the hair to grow.

Massage Scalp

How fast does hair grow?

The three phases of the hair development cycle are anagen or growth, catagen, and telogen or rest.

The duration of the growth phase is inversely correlated with the length of the hair. It lasts between two and six years. The hair that grows depends on genetic, dietary, hormonal, and metabolic factors and increases the longer this period lasts.

Generally, hair grows at a rate of 0.4 millimeters per day, 1 centimeter per month, and 15 centimeters per year. Also, it usually grows faster in adult women than in adult men.

And as people age, the rate of growth slows.

Despite the importance we give to hair length, the most important thing is that it is healthy. This is why I share the thought of Morena Baccarín who says:

“I’ve had long hair, I’ve had short hair, and I’ve had in-between hair—and it’s all good.â€

Get your hair growth

You already know that promoting hair growth is not such a simple task. It implies many elements to consider and it is not achieved from one day to the next. You must be constant and patient. But once you see results, you will see that it is worth every effort.