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Do you know the benefits of pineapple? This wonderful fruit not only stands out for its flavor but also for the properties it provides. It’s packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and other beneficial elements, including enzymes that can help prevent disease and inflammation.

Its consumption is excellent for health, strengthening immunity, helping faster recovery in cases of surgery, and even digestive assistance. Continue reading and know in detail what are the benefits of pineapple.

Benefits of Pineapple

Pineapple stands out for its typical tropical characteristic of Brazil, its country of origin, and its juicy flavor. It is also known as “ananás” which translates as “good fruit”. It has long been associated with wealth; in royal courts, it was a delicacy considered a symbol of wealth.

In addition to having a delicious flavor, it is one of the fruits with the highest concentration of minerals and vitamins, making it one of the best for health. Below are all its attributes and advantages:

Provides essential nutrients

Pineapple contains a variety of nutrients despite being low in calories. They abound in antioxidants, powerful enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Learn a little about the nutrients provided by a serving of fresh pineapple of approximately 165 grams (5.8 ounces):

  • 2.3 grams of Fiber
  • 1 gram of Protein
  • 131% of the RDI (recommended dietary intake) of Vitamin C
  • 9% of the RDI of Thiamin
  • 76% of the RDI of Manganese
  • 9% of the RDI of Copper
  • 9% of the RDI of Vitamin B6
  • 82.5 of Calories

We all know that Vitamin C plays an important role in strengthening the immune system. Pineapple chunks contain a high content of Vitamin C and manganese. Therefore, consuming a serving of pineapple daily will help you prepare to fight diseases.

Contains anti-inflammatory antioxidants

Your body uses antioxidant molecules to combat oxidative stress. Chronic inflammation, a compromised immune system, and many other detrimental disorders are associated with excessive oxidative stress.

Fortunately, one cup of pineapples is rich in antioxidants that help fight disease. The antioxidants flavonoids and phenolic acids are some of the most powerful antioxidants for health and are present in this tropical fruit.

May reduce the risk of cancer

After heart disease, cancer is the second most common cause of death in the US each year. Uncontrolled cell proliferation is a hallmark of this chronic condition, which is often linked to oxidative stress and ongoing inflammation.

Numerous studies indicate that pineapple and its health-promoting components may reduce the risk of some types of cancer. One of these substances is the bromelain family of digestive enzymes. Clinical research suggests that bromelain may help in the battle against cancer.

Pineapple contains bromelain, so including Pineapples can also induce the immune system to create chemicals that increase the capacity of white blood cells. Increasing these contributes to inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and possibly eradicating them.

Contains enzymes that aid digestion

Bromelain, a class of digestive enzymes found in pineapple, serves as a protease. In other words, they disassemble protein molecules into their constituent amino acids and tiny peptides.

Benefits of Pineapple

This can be beneficial for those who suffer from pancreatic insufficiency. Easier absorption of protein molecules is achieved through the small intestine.

In a trial of 12 people with pancreatic insufficiency, those who took a bromelain-containing supplement had much better digestion than those who used a placebo digestive enzyme supplement.

It may reduce arthritis symptoms

More and more adults suffer from arthritis each year, which often involves inflammation of the joints. Bromelain is one of several chemicals found in pineapples that have anti-inflammatory actions.

According to studies from the early 1960s, bromelain was used to treat the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. This disease involves inflammation in the joints.


According to numerous studies, taking bromelain supplements can help reduce pain just as well as taking conventional arthritis drugs like diclofenac. That is, by consuming pineapple juice you will be consuming bromelain which will help reduce your pain due to inflammation.

May reduce recovery time after exercise and surgery

Regular consumption of pineapple may shorten the amount of time it takes to recover from surgery or exercise. This is partly due to bromelain’s inherent anti-inflammatory effects. This can decrease bruising, discomfort, and swelling that follow surgery.

The muscle to grow needs a strenuous stimulus that is achieved by exercising. This stimulus can damage muscle tissue and cause nearby inflammation without causing any serious damage.

damage muscle tissue

Although it sounds aggressive, this is how you build muscle. Inflammation and tissue damage are believed to be reduced by bromelain by speeding recovery from exercise-induced injuries.

Easy to include in your diet

There are a variety of options to consume them. Pineapples are quite versatile and taste wonderful no matter how you prepare them. They are lower in price and available year-round compared to other fruits. They can be used as a topping on pizza, added to salads and yogurt, or simply eaten on their own.

Health Benefits of Pineapple

In addition to the advantages mentioned, eating pineapple offers some additional benefits:

  • It has anti-inflammatory antioxidants.
  • May reduce the risk of suffering from cancer.
  • Provides enzymes that contribute to the digestion process
  • It may reduce inflammation and ease arthritis symptoms
  • Helps the recovery process after an intense day of physical activity.
  • It might speed healing after surgery.

How to recognize when a pineapple is ripe?

As the pineapple is maturing, its exterior changes from green to gray to yellow. As a general rule, the more yellow the pineapple is on the outside, the riper it is. A pineapple that is a uniform golden yellow color from top to bottom will have the best flavor. If your pineapple ever starts to turn orange, you’ve gone too far and are starting to go bad.

Benefits of pineapple available to all

Did you see all the benefits of pineapple? It is surprising how this fruit can provide such good health benefits. Best of all, it can be included in our daily diet without so much sacrifice because its flavor is delicious. If you have a particular chronic disease, remember that the benefits mentioned here are only an aid. To treat more serious diseases it is always good to consult with your Doctor.

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